Kids do Climbing Wall activities in a kid's area at Liebes Rot
Family vacation in summer
Hotel liebes Rot-Flüh

Experience the pure joy of a summer vacation with your loved ones in Tyrol

Discover an unforgettable vacation in the captivating destination of the Experience Region.

Experience the joy of a summer family vacation in Tyrol, where happiness awaits. Explore captivating water worlds and embark on exciting journeys through the valley while basking in the exhilaration of reaching majestic peaks. Take a well-deserved break at Lake Haldensee's alpine beach or indulge in leisurely moments back at our beloved Rot-Flüh resort – paradise has found its home here.

Prepare for endless fun, thrilling adventures, and an abundance of sunshine during your family holiday in Tyrol this summer. Rest assured that top-notch child care services and engaging programs are included to ensure everyone's enjoyment. Nestled amidst picturesque mountains, our children's hotel in Tannheimer Valley guarantees action-packed activities for little ones alongside rejuvenating wellness opportunities for adults. Combined with delectable cuisine, it creates the perfect blend of satisfaction.

The anticipation is rising as you eagerly await your upcoming summer getaway! Fuel your excitement by discovering more about the incredible experiences awaiting you in our adventure region during your holiday journey

2 kids splashing water in a lake near Liebes Rot

Experience unforgettable summer water fun

at a Family Hotel in Tyrol

Calling all beach babes and aqua enthusiasts! Our luxurious resort at Haldensee offers a delightful escape from the scorching summer heat, with an abundance of water-based activities to keep you entertained. Whether it's our expansive aquatic playground or our refreshing outdoor pools, we guarantee you'll stay cool as a cucumber.

End your day by indulging in some lakeside relaxation – take a leisurely swim or embark on a scenic boat tour. For those seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures, join us for exhilarating canyoning excursions suitable for both adults and children. Alternatively, unwind in our state-of-the-art wellness facility where you can pamper yourself with soothing spa treatments amidst the enchanting ambiance of our "Cinderella Castle" oasis.

A family getaway at our Tyrolean paradise promises an unparalleled experience brimming with rejuvenation across 5,500 square meters of pure bliss. So don't forget to pack your favorite swimsuit because here at ...liebes Rot-Flüh, we're dedicated to ensuring that every moment is immersed in holiday euphoria – whether indoors or out

Experience the captivating allure of a children's hotel

nestled in the picturesque heartland of Tyrol

Experience the beauty of mountain sun, shimmering lakes, and majestic peaks as they glow in the warm sunset. Embrace the essence of summer at its finest near our family hotel in Tyrol, where the morning's first rays of sunshine beckon you to embark on a captivating journey through the Allgäu Alpine landscape. Delight in splendid imperial weather that accompanies both young and old adventurers while hiking in Tannheimer Valley, leading them further into nature's embrace over hills and valleys. However, this sun-kissed flatland also unveils a true paradise adorned with blooming meadows, the picturesque Haldensee lake, and idyllic cycling paths. Prepare yourself for an array of thrilling experiences waiting to be discovered during your active holiday in Tyrol.

If your desire for movement remains unsatisfied even after indulging in exhilarating adventures, fear not! A diverse range of sports activities and exciting programs await children aged 3 and above at our mini club located within ...liebes Rot-Flüh from Monday to Saturday—both indoors or amidst refreshing outdoor air. From lively children's discos to enchanting cinema screenings tailored just for them; pony rides are only one among numerous unforgettable holiday moments specially designed for our little guests.

Portrait of a kid at Climbing Forest Tannheim near Liebes Rot
Close-up of kids in a pool with a lady at Liebes Rot Flueh

Children's world

A family having dinner at Liebes Rot Flueh

Family offer

Living area in Sonjas Schloessl Family Suite at Liebes Rot

family rooms

View of the mountain Rote Flüh near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

summer getaway in a family-oriented hotel

Gain unrestricted entry to lakes, mountains, and valleys at absolutely no cost.

Looking to indulge in some relaxation at the beach or seeking a refreshing escape on the majestic mountains? Look no further than a family vacation in Tyrol, where you can experience both during the summer season. Our esteemed collaboration with Tannheim, Grän, and Schattwald summer mountain railways ensures that our cherished guests receive complimentary round-trip rides every single day. Additionally, as our valued guest, you have unrestricted access to the invigorating "Wasserwelt Haldensee" outdoor pool for an unlimited duration each day without any charges whatsoever. Rest assured that your tickets will be activated promptly upon arrival at our hotel so you can swiftly breeze through the turnstile without wasting any precious time waiting around.

Time-Out with the whole Family

Take a break from your busy schedule and indulge in some much-needed relaxation on the picturesque alpine beach & the hotel

The power lies within tranquility, and that is precisely what is required for exciting explorations during a summer vacation with your family in Tyrol. The well-deserved serenity awaits you either on the picturesque Alpine beach or in our spacious rooms designed specifically for families at Haldensee. Experience uninterrupted bliss and worry-free moments as you recharge your energy levels with delightful culinary indulgences, preparing yourself to embark on your next adventure feeling invigorated.

Craving for summertime? We comprehend this desire profoundly. Thus, we extend an invitation to our inclusive establishment nestled in the captivating Tannheimer Valley where not only children's eyes sparkle but everyone's does too.

Our TOP offer for families in summer

in Tyrol - Austria

Incuded benefits:

  • Generally included services
  • we offer the convenience of early check-in.
  • You may also enjoy a late check-out.
  • Free underground parking space upon request.
  • summer mountain railway with daily tickets provided for your enjoyment.
  • fun at "Water World Haldensee" with our complimentary daily admission tickets.
  • Orjola Spa vouchers worth 10 EUR per adult each day.
  •  e-bike tour that we provide for you.
  • tennis facility during your stay and engage in some friendly competition or leisurely play.
  • pedal boat ride included as part of your package.

Especially for children:

  • There will be a childcare service for kids from the age of 3.
  • Babysitting service for a fee
  • Ultracool Children's Breakfast Crispy Corner
  • Children's lunch brunch - you can eat and drink as much as you want!
  • Cake and sweets in the afternoon
  • Ice cream in the afternoon as much as you want
  • Unlimited access to the outdoor pool with water slide at the Haldensee.
  • Free access to the wellness area, indoor pool and outdoor pool
  • Family-friendly restaurants

We would be happy to create an individual summer offer for your family