Man & a woman on their bicycles by a lake near Liebes Rot Flueh
Experience Unforgettable Hours of Sunshine
in the Tannheimer Valley
Close-up of a man splashing water by his legs near Liebes Rot
Experience Unforgettable Hours of Sunshine
in the Tannheimer Valley
A couple by a beautiful lake near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh
Experience Unforgettable Hours of Sunshine
in the Tannheimer Valley
A couple while kayaking in a lake near Liebes Rot Flueh
Experience Unforgettable Hours of Sunshine
in the Tannheimer Valley
Knee-level shot of a man on a paddle board near Liebes Rot
Experience Unforgettable Hours of Sunshine
in the Tannheimer Valley

Summer Holiday in the Tannheimer Valley

Experience the awe-inspiring weather of imperial proportions, immerse yourself in a picturesque natural paradise and indulge in countless unforgettable moments

An unforgettable summer vacation awaits you in the Tannheimer Valley, where our ...liebes Rot-Flüh hotel is located. Wondering why? It's because the combination of Tyrolean hospitality and fantastic weather creates an impeccable experience. Situated amidst the breathtaking Allgäu Alps, you'll find yourself immersed in a harmonious blend of thrilling escapades within picturesque landscapes and tranquil moments of relaxation at our hotel in Grän.

Experience an action-packed summer in the Tannheimer Valley.

Experience the pure delight of majestic mountains, serene lake landscapes, and charming plains: an absolutely perfect setting for engaging in thrilling biking adventures, refreshing swims, invigorating hikes, and countless other exciting activities!

Experience an exhilarating atmosphere

both inside and outside the hotel premises

Indulge in an endless summer of active enjoyment! A summer vacation in the Tannheimer Valley would be incomplete without thrilling sports activities. It would be a missed opportunity, we strongly believe. Because there is so much to explore both within and around our beloved Rot-Flüh.

Imagine hiking at an elevation of 1,100 meters, passing by picturesque mountain lakes and traversing impressive trails that offer breathtaking views? How about biking, jogging, or engaging in Nordic walking amidst the serene natural beauty surrounding us? Or perhaps you prefer indulging in a game of tennis or immersing yourself in rejuvenating yoga sessions at ...dear Rot-Flüh? The choice is yours on how you wish to relish your holiday: Our hotel located in Tyrol offers ideal proximity while being accompanied by the awe-inspiring panorama of the Allgäu Alps throughout every exhilarating sporting endeavor.

Knee-level shot of a couple walking along Liebes Rot's garden
2 kids splashing water in a lake near Liebes Rot

Unforgettable Family Fun

Activities for All Ages

Looking for an exceptional summer getaway in Tyrol? Look no further! Our extensive range of activities guarantees pure delight and endless fun for everyone, regardless of age. From thrilling canyoning adventures to exciting climbing expeditions in the forest, our program offers a diverse array of options that will surely satisfy kids and adults alike.

One particular experience that stands out is pony riding in the stunning Tannheimer Valley. Trust us when we say it's not only the little ones who will relish this opportunity to embark on a picturesque ride while gazing at the magnificent Tyrolean mountains.

A couple seated on the edge of the outdoor pool at Liebes Rot

Experience a summer like no other

in the breathtaking Tannheimer Valley.

During the summer season in Tannheimer Valley, vibrant evergreen pines and spruces radiate under the sun's rays. The lakes beautifully mirror the crystal clear water, while a delightful sense of tranquility fills the air during scorching hot days. Consequently, indulging in an afternoon siesta within our comfortable rooms at Lake Haldensee transforms into an absolute extravagance.

And what about you? You have the opportunity to completely unwind and detach from your daily routine. Delight in a rejuvenating pause from everyday life by immersing yourself in wellness activities offered in Grän – be it through gentle spa treatments or exploring our sauna area. Moreover, immerse yourself in our "Cinderella Castle," a lavish sanctuary spanning over 5,500 m2 that caters to all your desires and wishes

Imagine a perpetual summer in the captivating Tannheimer Valley

where time seems to stand still

We understand that summer in the Tannheimer Valley will inevitably come to a close, perhaps when the vibrant leaves are swept away by the autumn breeze. However, within our beloved Rot-Flüh, it seems as though this season stretches on indefinitely.

We extend an invitation for you to fully immerse yourself in the joys of summertime here. In fact, we dare say that at our exquisite hotel, renowned eateries and lively bars, you can even savor its essence. Indulge your taste buds with delectable summer delicacies that effortlessly melt upon contact. But don't just take our word for it – experience it firsthand.