Discover Your Perfect Stay at Our Hotel in the Scenic Tannheimer Valley in Austria

Escape to Luxury: 4-Star Superior Relaxation

At Hotel ...liebes Rot-Flüh, we stand for exceptional relaxation and wellness experiences that rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Our 4-star superior hotel has been a haven for those seeking something special for decades. With our unique wellness and health concept, you'll enjoy a soothing break that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Located in the stunning Tannheimer Tal region of Tyrol, our hotel offers unforgettable outdoor experiences year-round. Whether you're here as a couple, with friends, or with your family, we promise an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful regions in Tyrol. Come to Hotel ...liebes Rot-Flüh and discover what true relaxation feels like.

Nature and sport

Biking, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing & more:

From the wellness area, you can step out into the fresh mountain air in the most beautiful high valley in Europe.

A couple in robes seated on a bed in Orjola spa at Liebes Rot



Family vacation

Fun for kids,

Quality time for parents

and a big dose of shared adventures.


Our first-class team

of doctors and therapists supports you in taking effective measures for your health.

Experience Unforgettable Hospitality

at the ...liebes Rot-Flüh Hotel in Tyrol

Take a step towards improving your well-being and treat yourself to a much-needed, rejuvenating vacation for both your body and soul at ...liebes Rot-Flüh. Our dedicated team will ensure that you feel completely comfortable and content from the inside out. By indulging in an F.X. Mayr therapy or Ayurveda treatment right here in Tyrol, you can restore peace within your body and cultivate a fresh perspective on life. 

Here's a helpful suggestion: Are you yearning for some time off? Explore the vast array of vouchers available in the ...liebes Rot-Flüh voucher world to discover enticing options tailored specifically to our offerings at Lake Haldensee in Tyrol.

A lady having an ayurvedic oil massage at Liebes Rot Flueh
A lady enjoying a cave bath at a spa in Liebes Rot Flueh

Unveiling Dreamlike Holiday Offers:

Your Ticket to Paradise

When it comes to vacations at ...liebes Rot-Flüh, the possibilities for personalizing your holiday are practically limitless. Are you interested in embarking on an exhilarating active vacation in Tannheimer Tal? Perhaps a thrilling adventure that will delight the entire family? Or maybe you prefer tranquility and being indulged with soothing medical spa treatments?

The assortment of package deals available at our hotel on Lake Haldensee caters to all types of holiday desires. Explore our diverse selection of vacation packages and discover the one that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

A man & a woman relaxing in Cinderella Castle Spa's sauna
Body massages sessions at a spa in Liebes Rot Flueh
Gym trainer instructing a lady in a gym at Liebes Rot Flueh
A couple having a drink in Lounge Bar at Liebes Rot
A waitress serving wine to a couple at Liebes Rot

Live Life to the fullest, Without Limitations!

Experience the epitome of tranquility on a much-needed vacation. Nestled beside the pristine Haldensee in Austria, our exquisite hotel offers you an exclusive gateway to a realm dedicated entirely to unwinding and rejuvenation. Escape from the monotony of everyday existence as you find solace within these serene surroundings. Indulge in an array of complimentary amenities that promise an enchanting holiday experience brimming with opulent spa treatments, immersive encounters with nature, and delectable culinary delights for your palate's pleasure.



Meet Your Dedicated Hosts:

"We are there to inspire people and make them completely happy", we believe that everyone deserves happiness, no matter who they are or what their circumstances may be.

A family with a pet dog posing at Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh