Close-up of a chef serving a dish with smoke at Liebes Rot
Experience Exquisite Culinary Delights
at ...liebes Rot-Flüh

Experience Delectable Luxury: Exploring the Facets of Our Gourmet Hotel in Austria

Discover the Ultimate Dining Experience

We elevate and enhance the already exquisite wellness, romance, and relaxation experience with exceptional culinary delights. Our renowned cuisine at "... liebes Rot-Flüh" has garnered praise from all corners and is widely adored.

As a destination of delightful surprises, we have mastered the art of captivating even the most discerning food enthusiasts with unique delicacies and imaginative combinations. Leading this symphony of flavors is Chef de Cuisine Yordanov Stanislav, who orchestrates each vacation day's grand finale alongside his talented team.

Experience Culinary Delights: Highlights of Austria's Gourmet Hotel Scene

A touch of Tyrol and a mix of international flavors: the gourmet hotel seamlessly blends the familiar with the innovative, resulting in an indescribable charm. This unique combination allows for captivating culinary creations made from top-notch ingredients that cater to every palate. What sets our Austrian gourmet hotel apart?

For us, indulgence is always intertwined with creating memorable experiences. While our skilled chefs expertly fuse tradition, modernity, and creativity behind closed kitchen doors, you can unwind with a glass of wine and savor the enchanting ambiance. Every aspect comes together harmoniously at our gourmet hotel... welcome to liebe Rot-Flüh in Tyrol!

Discover with us: A glimpse into our worlds of enjoyment!

Begin your day with a delectable breakfast at the Leonardo da Vinci breakfast room, offering stunning views of Lake Haldensee and the majestic mountain peaks that surround it. During lunchtime, you can energize yourself in the stylish Grotto Valle Piano restaurant located in Tannheimer Valley, surrounded by contemporary designer furniture while indulging in Mediterranean delicacies. Alternatively, you have the option to bask outside on the pool terrace.

When evening arrives, an array of choices awaits you: immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Via Mala adventure restaurant where your gaze can wander over a cascading waterfall, ancient mill wheels, and whimsical wooden elements; or relish culinary excellence accompanied by an imperial ambiance at La Cascata nobile. Finally, conclude your day amidst candlelight and savor a delightful whiskey at 2108 Bar & Lounge.

The only question remaining is: What are you craving today? The exceptional variety offered at ...liebes Rot-Flüh surpasses any other gourmet hotel in Tyrol. So embrace this opportunity! We eagerly await your arrival.