Personal Fitness

Make your health a priority

Do you have individual goals, personal wishes or are you looking for relief from ailments? Our personal fitness and personal trainer Bojan offers you personal, individual and private support through physical and mental commitment. Thanks to pleasant training on a small scale and with a lot of personality, we accompany you to your goals.

Personal Fitness Lessons at Hotel Liebes Rot Fluh, Tannheimer Va


  • Professional individual advice
  • Expert support
  • Individual program for your wishes and goals
  • Personal contact person and availability for questions
  • Joy and fun in training
  • Let us know your wishes and goals.
  • We would be happy to design your personal training with you.

Duration approx. 50 minutes - € 79, -


The first workout based on your heart rate

Professional Trainiers know: You can only train effectively if you know your individual pulse values and thus your training area. In other words: effective training needs threshold stimuli that have to be exceeded. Otherwise you will run past your destination.

With DYNOSTICS, your personal pulse zones for fat burning, increased performance and muscle acidification are precisely determined. You benefit from high-tech training that was previously reserved for professional athletes and receive tailor-made recommendations tailored to your goal! Whether losing weight or increasing performance: Get the most out of your training without over- or under-demanding your body.

A woman is working on personal fitness in the Liebes Rot Fluh Ho

Thats how it works:
You carry out the analysis on an ergometer or treadmill with our personal trainer. Using a closed breathing mask, DYNOSTICS records your breathing gas flow and analyzes the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your inhaled and exhaled air. This precise procedure is crucial for your training success.
Dynostics analysis for € 150, -

Training and nutrition plan on request.