A woman is in the outside pool of the Liebes Rot Fluh Hotel.

Wellness and relaxation

Pampering moments in our hotel "... liebes Rot-Flüh"

Crystal clear water. Soothing warmth. Wonderful fragrances. When you enter the wellness oasis of the ... liebes Rot-Flüh you immerse yourself in a completely different world. A world that you simply fall in love with. Because there is so much to discover here and yet every single area guarantees peace, relaxation and retreat.

The knight's sauna, the alchemist's bath, the pine cone sauna, a fairy tale grotto with brine whirlpool, bubbling whirlpools, stylish themed treatment rooms, relaxation rooms with crackling open fires, the incomparable water garden and much more ... enjoy every moment.

A woman is enjoying the massage in the Orjola spa at the Liebes

Orjola Spa

Orjola - this is an acronym from the terms orchid, St. John's wort and lavender. The name of our spa area stands for a combination of Eastern and Western applications, techniques and products.

A man and a woman is enjoying some time in the cinderella castle

Cinderella Castle

Generous 5,500 m² with various pools, whirlpools and saunas create a luxurious landscape of wellbeing. Take your time to discover them! Enjoy every moment with a traditional or Far Eastern treatment in the "Orjola Spa". And draw new strength and life energy.

A man is exercising in the fitness centre in the Liebes Rot Fluh

Personal Fitness

Do you have individual goals, personal wishes or are you looking for relief from ailments? Our personal fitness and personal trainer Bojan offer you personal, individual and private support through physical and mental commitment. Thanks to pleasant training on a small scale and with a lot of personality, we accompany you to your goals.

A woman is engaging in yoga in the Liebes Rot Fluh Hotel.

Personal Yoga

Your key to happiness fits into one of our room locks. Leave behind everything that no longer suits you. Allow yourself some time out to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony. Feel secure in one of the lovingly furnished new rooms. Feel how your body becomes smoother and stronger every day. How to calm your mind.