A couple snowshoeing on a mountain near Liebes Rot
trudge through the deep snow



Far and wide there is no trace of paths. Because streets, meadows, forests are all wrapped up thickly in a white coat of snow. And with every step you sink into the soft, powdery deep snow. With snowshoes on your feet and sticks in your hands, it's time to trudge effortlessly through the snowy winter dream!

It's no wonder that snowshoe hikes are one of the most popular off-piste activities on a winter holiday in the Tannheimer Tal. After all, with the equipment on your shoes, you can best get to where nature is most untouched and impressive. Completely independent of cleared hiking trails - and there are plenty of these right on the doorstep of our hotel in Grän.

And the best thing about snowshoeing in the Tannheimer Tal: No previous knowledge is required and the equipment can also be hired from the hotel. Only when planning the route should you play it safe and contact a mountain guide if necessary so that you can start risk-free.


So if you no longer want to winter hike only on cleared paths through the Tannheimer Tal, you are spoiled for choice for the next route. The Lohmoos Tour takes you across country on snowshoes through an impressive high moor. Along the Höhenweg at the foot of the Einstein, however, a tour through the deep snow leads to Zöblen. And a special kind of highlight promises a snowshoe hike to the Zugspitzblick.

A pleasant side effect of snowshoe hikes in the Tannheimer Tal: the feeling of pure freedom and light-heartedness when the stress of everyday life sinks step by step into the deep white.

2 people skiing on a mountain near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh
Close-up of 2 people skiing near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh
Aerial view of the snowy hills near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh


In winter, when the rugged, snow-covered peaks of the Gimpel or Rote Flüh rise up into the clear sky, it's not difficult to forget the exertion while snowshoeing through the Tannheimer Tal. And fortunately such views are promised from every hiking route. But beware! The most beautiful high valley in Europe has some wildlife and nature reserves among its special features, which are not called protection zones for nothing. When choosing the route for a snowshoe hike across the Tannheimer Tal, it is important to choose paths away from these areas.


The quiet nature, the white sea of ​​snow crystals that gleam in the sun, and the delicate tracks of wild animals - accompanied by trained mountain guides, you will get to know the most idyllic spots in the region up close.

In …liebes Rot-Flüh, hotel guests can look forward to guided snowshoe hikes in the Tannheimer Tal once or twice a week. Equipped with rental snowshoes and sticks, we go on a tour together to the most beautiful secret places in the area - slowly, carefree and step by step. So that there are enough moments to take a deep breath, pause and enjoy.

2 people skiing on a snowy mountain near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh