A couple trying to click photos near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh
Experience the ultimate dream getaway
amidst a mesmerizing blend of lush forests, majestic mountains, and serene lakes

What is it that you long for in your wildest imagination?

Here are some valuable suggestions to enhance your vacation experience in Tyrol.

Our utmost desire is to provide our esteemed guests with an unforgettable and blissful sojourn, brimming with a plethora of extraordinary moments amidst the enchanting Tannheimer Tal in Tyrol. We have meticulously curated an assortment of exceptional encounters that will undoubtedly leave you awe-inspired.

Engage in an array of thrilling winter pastimes

that will captivate your senses

Indulge in an extraordinary winter adventure amidst the captivating Tannheimer valley. Immerse yourself in a plethora of opportunities for skiing, cross-country-skiing, or snowshoeing as we offer impeccable conditions tailored to your desires.

Long shot of a skier on a snowy mountain near Liebes Rot


Two skiers while cross-country skiing near Liebes Rot Flueh

cross country skiing

People tobogganing near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh


View of snowy mountains from ground near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

winter hiking

A couple snowshoeing on a mountain near Liebes Rot


Two kids in skates posing at a snowy valley near Liebes Rot

Ice skating

People play curling outside at Liebes Rot Flueh in winter


A carriage ride with horses at Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

Horseback riding & carriage rides

Air balloons in a balloon festival at a valley near Liebes Rot


Engage in a plethora of exciting and invigorating activities during the summer season

Experience an array of captivating ventures that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and fulfilled. Indulge in various outdoor pursuits that offer endless opportunities for adventure and create lasting memories. Make the most out of this vibrant time of year by embracing all it has to offer.

Posterior view of 2 bikers cycling near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh


2 people exploring the Tannheimer valley near Liebes Rot Flueh


Posterior view of a family walking by a valley near Liebes Rot


People watching a Tennis match near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh


A couple on paddling boards at a lake near Liebes Rot Flueh

water sports

Two climbers climbing a mountain near Liebes Rot


Aerial view of Hohenschwangau Castle near Liebes Rot Flueh

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