"Via Mala"

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Interior of Via Mala dining hall at Liebes Rot Flueh
Close-up of a dish served at Via Mala at Liebes Rot Flueh
Via Mala interior with a tree at Liebes Rot Flueh
Bottle of wine served in Via Mala at Liebes Rot Flueh
Interior of Via Mala dining hall at Liebes Rot Flueh
A statue of a deer on the table at Liebes Rot Flueh
Table set up for dining in a restaurant at Liebes Rot Flueh
Table decorations of Via Mala at Liebes Rot Flueh
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Imagine stepping into a restaurant that resembles a charming village square, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of close-knit communities. The backdrop itself is inspired by the awe-inspiring Swiss Via Mala Gorge, complete with dramatic lightning and thunder effects that transport you to another world. And if that's not enough, picture a gentle waterfall cascading down between walls constructed from authentic glacier stone - truly immersing yourself in nature's beauty.

Within this enchanting setting lie cozy and rustic rooms designed to provide utmost comfort for both intimate gatherings or larger groups. Whether you're enjoying an evening out as a couple or celebrating with friends and family, these inviting spaces ensure everyone feels at ease.

However, what truly elevates your experience is the delectable traditional Alpine cuisine on offer. From beloved classics like "Kas’spatzen" – hearty cheese noodles cooked to perfection – to indulgent specialties such as the mouthwateringly unforgettable "Via Mala Reindl," every dish promises to delight your taste buds. But perhaps it is the heavenly Kaiserschmarrn dessert that will leave an everlasting impression on your palate; its unparalleled deliciousness simply cannot be forgotten.

In conclusion, immerse yourself in our unique restaurant where time seems frozen amidst picturesque surroundings resembling a small village square. Let us take you on a culinary journey through traditional Alpine flavors - whether it be savoring comforting dishes like "Kas’spatzen" or relishing in extraordinary delights such as "Via Mala Reindl." Be prepared for an unforgettable dining experience highlighted by warm hospitality and breathtaking ambiance.

Located in the main building of the hotel

The weekly program features the advertised operating hours of the Via Mala Restaurant.