Posterior view of a lady doing Yoga at Liebes Rot Flueh

Personal Yoga

"Learn to let go, that is the key to happiness."

Your key to happiness fits into one of our room locks. Leave behind everything that no longer suits you. Allow yourself some time out to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony. Feel secure in one of the lovingly furnished new rooms. Feel how your body becomes smoother and stronger every day. How to calm your mind.

Posterior view of a lady doing Yoga at Liebes Rot Flueh
A group of people doing yoga meditation at Liebes Rot Flueh

With our private yoga, you benefit from individually tailored exercise units that you work out together with one of our professional yoga teachers. It doesn't matter to us whether you are a beginner, want to expand your skills or just want to calm your mind. We design your very own yoga class according to your needs and wishes.

You can also enjoy relaxing Ayurvedic oil massages or our diverse spa offer in the "Cinderella Castle".
Let us know your wishes and goals. We would be happy to design your personal yoga class with you.

Duration approx. 50 minutes - € 79, -
Duration approx. 80 minutes - € 129, -
For two people we charge a surcharge of € 40 for the duration.