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Renew your natural source of strength

What do we not do to do something good for our health: Yoga, running, walking, cures ... and almost every day a new "panacea" is added. Most of the time, however, we only think about health when we have already received signals that something is wrong:

Skin problems, sleep disorders, exhaustion, osteoarthritis, obesity, digestive disorders, etc. We have a central source of health that we unfortunately rarely think about: and that is the intestines.

The Austrian researcher and doctor Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr recognized the intestine as the "root system" of humans. Because it is the gastrointestinal tract, the diseases and disorders of which are the basis of many diseases of civilization. This is confirmed again and again by current research. It is up to you to regenerate your intestines thoroughly and successfully and thus prevent diseases.

Your MayrPrevent® doctor, the trained expert on the human "root system", can provide you with competent support.

The manual abdominal treatment

MayrPrevent® therapy includes at least 3 manual abdominal treatments per week. The abdominal treatment is carried out by rhythmically pressing and gently touching the abdominal areas. By embracing the small intestine and breathing synchronously, in which the diaphragm from above and the practitioner's hands increase the pressure in the abdomen completely painlessly from below, the intestine improves its state of tension within a few minutes, the blood circulation is activated and the lymph flow improved. This not only leads to a measurable reduction in abdominal girth and improved breathing and cardiac activity as well as regulation of blood pressure, but also a simultaneous improvement in overall skin tension can be regularly observed.

The abdominal treatment has the following effects:
• Toning the intestines
• Relaxation of spastic intestinal sections
• Drainage of the abdominal lymph
• Promotion of blood circulation in the abdomen
• Improvement of breathing and oxygen supply
• Improvement of the energy balance
• Liver decongestion
• Mobilization of old stool remains
• Promote detoxification through the intestines

Close-up of a lady receiving a body treatment at Liebes Rot
A young lady receiving a body massage at Liebes Rot's spa


Get to know yourself better, become more sensitive to your own feelings and needs and find a way to a healthier lifestyle, in which enjoyment should not be neglected.

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Während einer F.X. Mayr Kur erfahren Körper, Seele und Geist eine umfassende Regeneration. Lernen Sie sich selbst besser kennen, werden Sie sensibler für die eigenen Gefühle und Bedürfnisse und finden Sie vor allem einen Weg zu einem gesünderen Lebensstil.