Site seeing from Highline 179 near Liebes Rot Flueh

Only flying is nicer, say the operators of Highline 179, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Tibetan style. Those who cross the structure south of Reutte can enjoy a sensational view.

It used to be reserved for witches and magicians to float from castle to castle at dizzy heights. Ever since the "Highline179" was erected between the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle and Fort Claudia in the Reutte holiday region, everyone can do the same. The suspension bridge is 114 meters high and has an impressive span of 406 meters. This makes it the world's longest Tibetan-style pedestrian suspension bridge and as such is even in the Guinness Book of Records. You move absolutely safely between the arm-thick steel cables. But it takes a bit of knightly courage to cross the abyss so far above the treetops and the Fernpass federal road B179. Anyone who dares will experience a unique panoramic view - and perhaps the feeling of weightlessness that witches must have on their broomsticks.

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