A person skiing on a snow-covered mountain near Liebes Rot
Immerse in the Winter Wonderland Experience
at Tannheimer Valley
A couple snowshoeing on a mountain near Liebes Rot
Immerse in the Winter Wonderland Experience
at Tannheimer Valley
Landscape view of a snow-covered mountain near Liebes Rot Flueh
Immerse in the Winter Wonderland Experience
at Tannheimer Valley
A couple snowshoeing in Tannheimer Valley at Liebes Rot Flueh
Immerse in the Winter Wonderland Experience
at Tannheimer Valley
Landscape view of the Hotel Liebes Rot on a winter night
Immerse in the Winter Wonderland Experience
at Tannheimer Valley
Hot air balloons in Tannheimer Valley near Liebes Rot Flueh
Immerse in the Winter Wonderland Experience
at Tannheimer Valley


Skid Your Way to Adventure in the High Valley

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of snow-capped mountain peaks, charming and rustic alpine huts, and glistening frozen lakes under the winter sun. The Tannheimer Valley truly showcases its finest attributes during this season, captivating holidaymakers time and again. For those seeking an active adventure, there's nothing better than strapping on skis or snowshoes to explore our magnificent slopes. Meanwhile, for those who prefer relaxation and indulgence, picture yourself nestled comfortably in a wellness area or engrossed in a good book while enjoying the most splendid view from your cozy hotel.

Are you yearning to experience our high valley enveloped by pristine snow? Rest assured that we offer an array of ski slopes catering to all skill levels as well as idyllic winter hiking trails and meticulously groomed toboggan runs – because one thing is indisputable: Winter holidays in the Tannheimer Valley are exceptionally diverse.

Long shot of a skier on a snowy mountain near Liebes Rot


Two skiers while cross-country skiing near Liebes Rot Flueh

Cross-country skiing

People tobogganing near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh


View of snowy mountains from ground near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

Winter hiking

A couple snowshoeing on a mountain near Liebes Rot


Ice skating

Air balloons in a balloon festival at a valley near Liebes Rot


People play curling outside at Liebes Rot Flueh in winter


A carriage ride with horses at Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

Horse riding & horse-drawn carriage rides

Aerial view of the snowy hills near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

Immerse yourself in boundless adventure, whether it be on skis or a snowboard.

During the winter season, our hotel located in Haldensee in Tyrol presents an irresistible opportunity to witness breathtaking views of snow-covered peaks and tranquil valleys. Moreover, it offers enticing slopes that guarantee a rewarding skiing experience. Situated at an elevation of 1,100 meters with guaranteed snowfall, the Tannheimer Valley provides ideal conditions for both snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts. Unlike crowded tourist hotspots, this region boasts six small yet exceptional ski areas that offer diverse kilometers of slopes.

What sets us apart is not only the quality of our slopes but also their family-friendly nature - perfect for those planning a vacation with children or beginners in winter sports. In addition to downhill skiing adventures, we provide numerous opportunities for thrilling ski tours suitable for all levels - from novices seeking new challenges to seasoned tourers looking for exhilarating routes.

Upon reaching the summit after conquering these trails, you'll be rewarded not just by your descent but also by unforgettable moments amidst the stunning backdrop of Tannheimer Valley during wintertime: multiple alpine pastures eagerly await your arrival as they invite you to take respite and rejuvenate yourself amid nature's beauty.

Take it easy when engaging in winter hiking and cross-country skiing

During the winter season, Haldensee and its surrounding area undergo a breathtaking transformation into a magical snowy wonderland. This enchanting landscape offers visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced ski slopes. When embarking on a winter hike through Tannheimer Valley, you are presented with various options: leisurely strolls amidst untouched nature, traversing across the frozen Haldensee or conquering majestic mountain peaks. A network of 81 kilometers worth of meticulously cleared trails eagerly awaits exploration.

Furthermore, those seeking pure bliss can indulge in cross-country skiing along immaculately groomed routes. Whether your preference lies in skating or classic style techniques, there is a suitable path for everyone spanning over an impressive distance of 140 kilometers. As guests at …liebes Rot-Flüh hotel, you will enjoy an added advantage - our establishment conveniently sits right alongside one such cross-country skiing route

People skiing on a sunny day near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh
People tobogganing near Hotel Liebes Rot Flueh

Experience the thrill of gliding down the slopes on toboggans

Experience thrilling tobogganing adventures for all ages in the Tannheimer Valley during your winter vacation. There are numerous toboggan runs to choose from, ensuring a high-speed and exhilarating experience. The most impressive route stretches an impressive 3.7 kilometers downhill, taking you from the Krinnenalpe to the valley station of the chairlift. Here's our secret tip: this particular toboggan run is even illuminated until 10 p.m., allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable ride under a starry sky.

One of the highlights of winter is indulging in ice skating at Haldensee or on the local ice skating rink. Thanks to our location at higher altitudes, Haldensee freezes over regularly, providing safe and approved areas for ice skaters just five minutes away. Alternatively, you can head to Tannheim where a meticulously prepared 250 m² ice skating rink awaits your enjoyment every day

Experience Enchanting Winter Escapes at our Hotel in Haldensee

At our hotel, the charming Rot-Flüh, we enhance your winter getaway with enticing deals for an unforgettable vacation in Tyrol. Whether you seek a romantic escape or a fun-filled family adventure, immerse yourself in a truly delightful winter experience at Haldensee in the Tannheimer Valley.

Our long-established hotel is renowned for its warm hospitality and unwavering commitment to excellence across generations. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we provide exceptionally comfortable accommodations, an expansive wellness facility, and multiple exquisite dining establishments offering delectable gastronomic delights.

The welcoming Huber family and our dedicated team eagerly anticipate your arrival!