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The intestine is the root of man

The supply of nutrients to the body is regulated by the intestines. The organ thus does very fundamental things for our wellbeing. The daily handling of the organ, which is so important for health, is often very careless, because in order to be able to work properly, the intestine needs your support: eat slowly, chew well and salivate, stop when you feel full, do not eat too often and too late, Eat in a relaxed state, reduce carbohydrates, do not eat raw vegetables in the evening. But we make some cardinal mistakes that put a strain on the intestines. We often eat:

  • too fast
  • too sour
  • too much
  • at the wrong time
  • too often
  • too tired

If the intestine is now stressed in this way, fermentation and putrefactive poisons are produced through bacterial processes, which stress the intestine itself, the liver and consequently all organ systems. In particular, digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, metabolic disorders and arteriosclerosis arise. Joint and spinal problems, sleep disorders and a general reduction in performance are also related to these poisoning processes. Each MayrPrevent® therapy addresses these problems at the root. Se specializes in the treatment of complaints and diseases that arise in the intestine and can prevent them from developing in advance with specific measures.

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A highly specialized diagnostics.

In order for the doctor to be able to evaluate the current state of health, he needs standards that are suitable to differentiate between the sick and the healthy.
F.X. Mayr developed and defined these dimensions. He described the shape, size and properties of a healthy stomach and was able to assign normal criteria to the intestine, as had long been known for other organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, etc. He was able to show that the abdomen of people of different sizes is approximately the same size and the healthy stomach of the adult can be spanned by a hand placed on it in a certain way. In addition, he was able to prove that regular bowel movements and freedom from symptoms in the abdomen alone do not constitute proof of real digestive health.

The diagnosis according to F. X. Mayr uses the 5 senses of the doctor and describes different abdominal shapes, body postures, changes in the chest, changes in the face and skin, all of which can be caused by functional intestinal disorders and digestive errors. The MayrPrevent® doctor feels the tone, position and condition of the gastrointestinal tract and measures compensatory changes, which he compares with normal measurements. This subtle diagnosis enables the MayrPrevent® doctor to plan therapy and to control and adjust the measures during therapy.

Positive changes become tangible in the truest sense of the word.

A woman is massaging in the Liebes Rot Fluh Hotel


Get to know yourself better, become more sensitive to your own feelings and needs and find a way to a healthier lifestyle, in which enjoyment should not be neglected.

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During a F.X. Mayr cure, body, soul and spirit experience extensive regeneration. Get to know yourself better, become more sensitive to your own feelings and needs and, above all, find a way to lead a healthier lifestyle.