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Medical Wellness

Your personal retreat in our "...liebes Rot-Flüh"

We focus on health and prevention. Strengthen your immune system and health with the help of our world-leading treatment techniques and our team of doctors, you can bring your body and soul back into harmony.

The modern F.X. Mayr cure

The latest findings confirm that many diseases of civilization can be traced back to illnesses or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Relief and regeneration of the digestive system with the help of individual diet plans and colon cleansing can counteract this very successfully.

Skin Vital Concept

The Skin Vital Concept. It is a combination of professional device technology (from dermabrasion to meso and facial contouring) in connection with high-end medical beauty products on a natural, biotechnological and plant basis.

Our medical team

Our doctors and experts develop your personal regeneration treatment according to your individual needs. Your plan is checked and adapted daily so that you can achieve your goal and contribute to maintaining your health in everyday life.

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