A couple having a drink in Lounge Bar at Liebes Rot
Experience Unforgettable Moments
at our Montanarahalle and 2108 Bar & Lounge

Montanara Lounge and "2108" Bar

Experience the perfect fusion of Tyrolean charm and indulgent delights within our Montanara Lounge, while as twilight descends upon the enchanting Tannheimer Tal, we gracefully ignite the flickering flames of tranquility in our wellness hotel's 2108 Bar.

A happy couple having a drink in Liebes Rot's bar

Montanara Lounge

Space to relax and enjoy

Experience the perfect blend of Tyrolean charm and delightful indulgence at our wellness resort. The Montanarahalle, along with its adjacent pool terrace, serves as the vibrant heart of our establishment. Whether you seek a satisfying lunch, a fragrant coffee accompanied by delectable pastries from our in-house bakery in the afternoon, or simply wish to unwind at the bar after a long day - this is where individuals gather who appreciate the conviviality of Tyrol while also desiring their own personal haven.

Immerse yourself in an array of captivating events such as roulette evenings, fashion shows, jewelry exhibitions, or elegant champagne receptions hosted by the esteemed Huber family. These extraordinary highlights vary according to our weekly program but always promise unparalleled hospitality that will leave you fully satisfied.

"2108" Bar

... for a cozy evening

As the sun sets in the Tannheimer Tal, we ignite the flickering flames within our wellness hotel's 2108 Bar & Lounge.

With an exquisite aroma of a premium cigar, harmonious melodies, and an extraordinary assortment of top-notch whiskey from across the globe, we guarantee you a flawless night to remember.

Indulge in reserving a distinctive experience with our esteemed whiskey expert Christoph as he guides you through an unparalleled journey into this diverse realm of culinary artistry.

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