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"HEALTH is not everything, but without health, everything is NOTHING."

Renew your natural source of power

Ain't we doing a lot for our health? Yoga, running, walking, cures ... and almost every day a new "panacea" is added.

Mostly, however, we only think about health when we already receive signals that something is wrong:
Skin problems, sleep disorders, fatigue, osteoarthritis, obesity, indigestion - the catalog of common problems could easily be expanded.
At the same time, we have a central source of our health that we unfortunately rarely think about: and that is the gut.

The Austrian researcher and doctor Franz Xaver Mayr recognized the intestine as the "root system" of man. Because it's the gastrointestinal tract,
whose diseases and disorders underlie many civilization diseases. This is confirmed again and again by current research.

You have it in your own hands, to strengthen your self-healing ability through a conscious use of your digestive system, thoroughly
successfully regenerate your bowel and thus prevent illnesses. Your MayrPrevent® doctor, the trained expert on the "root system" of humans,
can support you competently. It's worth taking a look - it's about your health and well-being!


Five strong impules for your health

The therapy method of Modern Mayr Medicine is based on following:

TREATMENT of the digestive system through an individually adapted diet

CLEANSING of the intestine with Epsom salt and - as an effective difference to other fasting cures - the  abdominal treatment by the experienced F.X. Mayr doctor.

TRAINING of eating habits by conscious and enjoyable chewing, adherence to physiological eating times and timely recognition of the natural satiety.

SUBSTITUTION with base powder to compensate for chronic hyperacidity. In addition, the detection of deficiencies of trace elements and vitamins and its supply.

SELF-SUPPORT by pausing, resting and conscious rethinking of one's own lifestyle

An example of the daily routine of the F.X. Mayr cure

  • Drink 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt per quarter liter of warm water in the morning

  • morning exercise, if possible in the fresh air and then changing showers

  • at the earliest after ½ hour you have breakfast depending on the diet with conscious chewing

  • Drink plenty of water in the morning, especially herbal teas or still water

  • Base powder or Bullrichs Vital as needed or as prescription

  • medical abdominal treatment according to F.X. Mayr

  • then liver wrap in a waterbed

  • additional prescribed physical treatments

  • about 11:00 o'clock vegetable broth

  • about 13:00 clock lunch depending on the diet

  • in the afternoon you also need to drink plenty of fluid, herbal teas

  • easy exercise, easy hikes, swimming

  • maybe some physical treatments

  • Dinner between 18:00 and 19:00, depending on diet

  • Going to bed early, little TV, computer abstinence


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