A woman is enjoying the Orjola spa massage service in the Liebes

Orjola Spa

Deep well-being for body, mind and soul

The "... liebes Rot-Flüh" is a pioneer in the field of wellness and in the development of profound, touching and highly effective application experiences. Developed from the sources, knowledge and experience of different treatments for body, mind and soul from East and West. This is our vision for you, which will become reality in the ORJOLA Spa!

How do I find the "right one"? Which treatments are right for me to design my personal wellness program? Over the years it has been shown that there are four central, classic topics for our guests that they have always been looking for in our spa. Based on our experience, we have assigned appropriate treatments to these topics:

A woman is standing in the Orjola spa of  the Liebes Rot Fluh Ho

Everything that deals with relaxation, balance, coming to rest - all treatments lead to deep relaxation, bring body, mind and soul back into balance. Find inner peace and feel balanced and relaxed again.

The subjects of detoxification, metabolism and drainage can be found here. I am important to me! Free yourself and make yourself shine again.

Be in balance again - be upright again! Central questions about the musculoskeletal system, so that everything you do is fun again. As I am, I am enough.

Wonderful combination treatments for couples. Harmonious, warming, loving. Relaxing massages, fragrant baths, sweet delicacies and cozy relaxation. Lots of things that are even more beautiful when you experience them together.