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Nutritional advice at the Health Hotel in Tyrol, Austria

Gourmets feel at home at the …liebes Rot-Flüh, full of joy. Not only the palate but also your health will be pampered by us in our exquisite Health Hotel in Tyrol. So it makes sense that we also invite the gourmet in you to give new inspirations, ideas and tips for going new ways in our Health Centre Body Balance. You will learn more about a wide range of healthy lifestyles at our presentations to the topics “optimisation of the metabolism”, “acid-alkaline balance”, “incompatibility & allergies”, “Healthy nutrition at the working place”, “secondary plant compounds” and “Healthy through daily life”. These contents will be transferred to your personal situation at the single consultation – and you will enjoy without regret.


Single consultation incl. hand out <span class="tdPrice">€ 79,–</span><span class="tdMin">50 min.</span>
Consultation for two <span class="tdPrice">€ 39,–</span><span class="tdMin">for the partner</span>

We are pleased to reserve your nutritional advice in advance together with your holiday booking at our Wellness Hotel in Tyrol.

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